8 Ideas for Setting The Mood for Father’s Day

Among all the memes that were born during this pandemic, a very common thread was seeing fathers being asked a single question “Where’s mom?” or be seen at an utter loss of how to use simple kitchen tools like the rolling pin. It is always been perceived that fathers don’t play an active role in helping the house stay in shape but this really isn’t true?

If you look closer at a father’s daily routine, you would find that he does play a very important role in helping keep the house running smoothly. Changing fused out light bulbs, oiling creaky windows and doors, ensuring the locks are working properly and keeping the family car in pristine condition are a few ways he keeps himself busy around the house.

With work from home being the norm of the day due to Covid 19 lockdown, we can actually see first-hand how hard fathers are working to keep us safe and sound. Con-calls, video meetings, sending excel sheets and reports must be taking a sizeable chunk out of his time.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it would be a good time to start looking for an apt gift that would brighten his day and tell him how much you care for him.

No, it is not ok to just get him a shirt of his favourite colour (which he already has 5) nor are we getting him a mug that tells he’s the best dad in the world (he knows it). He’s still happy with the wallet we gave him last time and thinking of just getting him a case of beers and a card isn’t very classy.

It’s time that we sat down and thought hard of what he would really want but would never buy for himself. It would be a good idea to think recollect past conversation where he might have dropped a very subtle hint of what he wanted. Most probably you might be finding it hard to think of a gift to get him.

Being cooped in the house for almost 3 months can really dampen spirits. So why not make the day special by planning a few activities that you could do together. This way you really show how much he means to you and also create a whole bunch of new memories to cherish together..

1- Game Night:

If your dad is into any sort of games be it the virtual sort or the live action, it would be a great way to spend some time watching a recorded game or playing a new one with him. Have a few game snacks prepared and his favourite drink placed nearby and you are good to go. You can also dress up in your team colours and set the mood for the game. Talking and getting prepped to share a game together can really help create a close bond no matter what the age. You may also discover how cool dad was during his good days.

2- Binge Night:

With lots of amazing series being launched on Netflix and Amazon Prime, this could be a great time to binge watch his favourite show the entire day. You could even plan to dress up as characters of the show to set up the mood. Having a quick trivia round can help make the day more fun. You could also check have marathon of films by his favourite director or actor and set up a theatre in the living room with VIP access for daddy dearest. You can also have a Netflix Party with everyone watching the same movie together at different locations. Click here to know how to set up a Netflix party.

3- Photoshoot day:

Get all dressed to the nine and have a day of fun with the camera. Try to capture all the various moods of daddy dearest and create a collage. Not only will you be spending time with him but will also be actively creating a great piece of art with loads of fun. You can also make use of household items in a creative way as props for the photo-shoot. Play with different filters and ideas to make it a memorable day.

4- Virtual Party:

Have a Party planned with all the family together or with his closest buddy. Make sure you send the invite with time and join in link in advance and have the confirmation from them. You can spice it up with dress code or a quirky theme. Not only will it be great for your father to catch up with his buddies it will also help him unwind in an easy manner. Try Instagram co watching where your friends or family can video-call through the direct-messaging tab and look at liked or recommended posts together.

5- Browse for unusual Gifts:

If you are looking to get him a gift to go with all the other fun activities planned then take a look at quirky and unusual gifts. These could be Amor lamps. Not all gifts need to be useful but they sure need to be cute. It can be a quirky friendship lamp or a jumping box card, with a lot of options available online you can even order a personalised quirky gift.

6- Make something together:

If your dad is into making things with his hand then now would be a great time to make a project together. Quality time spent together working to build something can really help create a close and strong bond. By the end of the day you would also have a completed project at hand to remind you of the day.

7- Spa day:

Yes, even Dads like to relax and rejuvenate. Give a good massage and stem bath should help relax those tensed muscles. Light a few scented candles and finish the day with his favourite dish. Nothing would be more relaxing for him. Get a spa gift hamper with special soaps, scented oils and curious looking candles to set the day’s mood.

8- Personalised Digital Gifts:

If your dad is always chatting and using emojis and stickers, then why not create his own personal set of stickers to use. It would be fun taking pics of various expressions and turning them into stickers.

Spending time with dad and learning more about him can truly make this father’s day special in a lot of ways. With the current grim situation due to Corona, it is nice to break the tension have a relaxing day that is well planned and full of fun activities. You could have a single theme for the entire day or have a mix of ideas mentioned above.

Of course there are even more ways to make the day special and the list can go on and on. Creating memories and letting know that you still have a special place in your heart for them is the best gift you can give your father.

We hope we have been able to help you plan a great father’s day. Do share your plans with us and tell us how you will be making the day special for the special man of your life.

Happy Father’s Day

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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