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Not all emotions can be expressed through words. Sometimes just knowing that someone is thinking about us can lift our spirits and lighten our mood. It can help make the lonely feeling walk away and warm the heart. Just knowing you have a special connection with someone makes all the hardships of life become trivial matters as the journey with company is much better than one without.

Everyone would not be good at expressing their care and concern through words or phone calls and being able to find a channel that allows them to convey these feelings are absolutely amazing. With all the technology looming around us, finding an easy to use channel without any hiccups that is intimate and at the same time allows privacy to all parties is hard to find. Respecting boundaries and yet telling you care for the person is a thin line to walk on. In the hustle and bustle of the rat race life we are all in, it is important to let our loved ones know that we think of them and miss their presence with us.

Our lamp aims at providing a channel that not only allows you to show your concern and care for your special person, it also allows you to do so without breaking boundaries. It also takes out the hassle of unlocking your phone just to type a “Good morning” or an “I love you” message. It also helps to set up a nonverbal channel to connect with those who find it hard to express their feelings through words.

Through our lamps we not only try to integrate technology with craftsmanship to bring people closer, we also help in developing the local crafts industry. Every Lamp by Amor Lamp is handmade by local craftsman and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure that the lamps are a perfect blend of both make and technology integration.

Being in a long distance relationship and having faced the disappointment of not getting an immediate reply or having calls ignored or dropped short abruptly is not something that should exist in the current world where new channels of communication are always being developed.

Our lamps are aimed at helping to connect family members, friends and special ones who have been forced to sty apart for various reasons to have a special channel to connect without causing disturbance to daily routines.

Do check out the new designs of our lamps and gift one to loved one